Undergraduate Advisory and Results Team

If you need advice or help when it comes to your grade meet these lecturers in respect to your part.

Coord./Asst. Coord – Dr. O. B. Akinwale/ Mr. A. O. Aransiola

Part 1 Adviser – Dr. O. S. Babalola/ Mrs. A. O. Akinwumi

Part 2 Adviser – Mr O. O. Akintade/ Mr. P. S. Olayiwola

Part 3 Adviser – Dr. A. A. Fisusi/ Mr. K. S. Ogunba

Part 4 Adviser – Dr. (Mrs). F. B. Offiong/ Mr. A. A. Ogunseye

Part 5 Adviser – Dr. O. P. Awe/ Dr. E. Obayiuwana

Undergraduate Transcripts – Mr. E. A. Akinboboye/ Mr. S.I. Omowaye